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Old 28-11-19, 16:59
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CaptMoto CaptMoto is offline
The Guv'nor
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A Last Goodbye

We are approaching our last month on line and since there will be no warning as to what will happen on the 31st Dec, the thing will just disappear and any attempt to log in will result in a DNF Error report on your browser, I would like to take this last opportunity to thank you all for being a very valid part of this project, for having been a decent bunch of people and supported me and your fellow members with your input on threads and discussions.

I am very happy that you have all appreciated the nature of the model I envisaged to maintain here and you all enjoyed the freedom to participate and express your opinions openly without incurring in silly online fights like are seen in other similar forums.

Of course I am sad this is it but believe me it has been quite a task to keep up with, and I just don't have the energy required anymore. Add to that the fact that this has been financially in the red since the bikes started to disappear from the dealerships, like all good things, this too has to have an end.

A happy end though because we've all had fun and didn't get hurt in the process. Yes we have had a few members that passed away and we will always remember and mourn them, but the rest of us still got our skin and will carry on doing whatever we enjoy doing.

Please feel free to say your goodbyes here too, to everyone else and if you have a last story to tell, please go ahead, let's keep this friendly goodbye thread until the lights go out on Dec 31st and we say our last goodbye to all at XT660.COM

Take care you all!

F. Camardo
Old 29-11-19, 11:06
Gas_Up_Lets_Go Gas_Up_Lets_Go is offline
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It's been a blast ...

When I joined this forum,, way back in 2008, it was a hive of activity every day. Those were the days before Facebook really took hold, before WhatsApp, Twitter and the fast and quick platforms that worked well on mobile comms (phones).

The internet was awash with Forums, mostly bad ones full of keyboard warriors and attitude kings. I've long since left those behind and this one is the only on-line forum I look at regulally. Unfortunatly, these type of forums are costly, and lose pace with the rapid onset of social media, though they are a valuble source of information.

We've had some awesome get togethers, Springtime in Lakeland sprung up from an idea and lasted a number of years, I hope the folk attending saw some of the Lake District they might otherwise have missed - and we had sunshine once

There is a Facebook page set up where you are all very welcome (just make sure you answer the questions - it's not hard !)


Happy hunting folks.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Old 10-12-19, 19:37
greatescape greatescape is offline
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Last Good Bye!

Just wanted to say cheerio to Capt Moto and the forum...it's been a mine of information about the Tenere and good fun sharing ride reports and photos with like minded people!
Although the 660's are no longer made I think the new Tenere 700 is a worthy successor to the Tenere name so it lives on and I'm sure ther e will be other forums dedicated to it. But never another 660.com!!!
Cheers Capn Moto....thanks for all your efforts! Cheers, Steve
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Old 10-12-19, 21:09
Cozi70 Cozi70 is offline
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I have also thoroughly enjoyed my time spent on here over the last few years.
Looks like I might have to join that Facebook malarkey thing as I might miss out.

Colin J
2011 xt660z.
Yoshimura cans ,kev mod,Dna 2, Stahlkoffer panniers,Hepco Becker box,Givi crash bars,Mita e07 tyres.
Old 10-12-19, 23:45
Smias Smias is offline
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I found this place back in September 2016 couple of months before i buy my xt660z, pretty sad is gonna shut down..


xt660z 10ere

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