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Old 19-06-17, 11:04
SDBradfo SDBradfo is offline
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Punctured front tyre

Hi all

Just wondering if somebody could help me with this.

A few months ago my back tyre was punctured by two nails. Biked shop picked up and replaced inner tube ~£80.

Now my front tyre is punctured also. Bike shop asked me to have a look at front rim for tyre size and rim size. It says 120/70 R17 M/C 58H.

Not sure what the 58H means but I think he just needs the 120/70 17 right? Also I am concerned because the tyres themselves say Pirelli (I think Diablo) and they state they are tubeless on the wheel. I thought you couldn't easily have tubeless tyres on spoked wheels? As far as I am aware, most of the things on the bike is stock. The rims are Excel rims which I believe is an option Yamaha give when buying the bike new.

So because the wheel says they are tubeless, does this mean they actually are? Or could they still easily have a tube in them?

My other concern is that the bikeshop might turn around and say that I need a new front tyre because it's tread isn't the bed. I know that in the next 6 months I will need a new front tyre. I just did my MOT and nothing whatsoever was said about the front tyre so I assume I am pretty safe with the ones I have for a few more months at least?

Thank you all.
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Old 19-06-17, 15:47
nikroc nikroc is offline
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£80 to replace a tube or fix two punctures?..was the wheel off the bike?..

£35 to replace a tube to a loose wheel in Derby,ride in ride out costs £25 per wheel.

My mate and I just had both sets of tyre's replaced on our R's. Both standard Yam tyre's,factory fitted.

Both sets had inner tubes fitted.

BTW we had Avon Trailriders fitted. Delivered off the internet,next day,for £135 a pair.
Old 19-06-17, 19:34
Craigsone Craigsone is offline
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I hope you don't have something like I discovered with my recently bought 2010 xt660z. Had a slow puncture and when I found a place that could help,they question a tubeless tyre with spokes. Once it was opened we found a load of tyre slyme and the spokes had been "sealed" with a great deal of duct tape.
An interesting bodge to say the least. Inner tube and rubber ring as should be and it was sorted.
Old 19-06-17, 21:23
lolgeoff lolgeoff is offline
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The 58 H is the load rating of the tyre so it's quite important to get a similar tyre, click on this link and all the numbers will be explained.


Most road/dual purpose tyres are tubeless but because of the spoke arrangement on most rims a tube will need to be fitted. As for whether the tyre fitter will repair your puncture depends on how bad the tyre is. He probably will not repair the tyre as it's the tube that holds the air, so unless it's bald or has splits there's a good chance he will refit the tyre.

You could always learn how to fix the puncture yourself, there are probably lots of tutorials on you tube and quite satisfying once you get the hang of it. You can buy and fit tyres, repair punctures as and when you want.

If you go down this route always keep a spare front and rear tube at home and always fit a new tube, they're about £10 so it's false economy to repair a tube as you can never rely on a patch.

You can do repairs at the side of the road but you need to carry tools to remove the wheel, a bead breaker, tyre levers and a pump to do it easily so unless you're going into really remote areas I wouldn't bother just get the bike recovered home and fix it at your leisure.

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