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Old 09-05-08, 13:15
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Difficult to believe Part II

Dearest friends

it's that time of the year again and I would like you all to join us in a big virtual celebration to salute and applaud every one here in our big big big family, for the second year on line of

Some of you might know that xt660.com mark II was reopened on 09/05 2005, after having been on line previously for just over a year, owned at the time by John Clark.

Well a lot of things have changed since the new ownesrship took place, we have implemented a lot of interesting features and online store for mods and improvements, however the one thing that has not changed and that will continute to exist is our commitment to totally provide the most professional level of assistance and support to both new and old members who might be having issues wth their bikes.

This year has also seen the introduction of some essential improvements, in fact we went from being just a bulletin board forum to a full on Website with linked forum and the other essential features such as the Modifications & Essential fuelling device explained and provided by the ever knowleadgeble Kev.

The graphical result of what you are able to see now with the website and the forum is the fruit of Miguel's hard work and software skills, without whom we wouldn't have been able to have the actual home page with the online merchandise sections as it is now.

Needless to say that one of the great sponsors of our forum :CCC: have had some problems with their own webspace and we had to take the decision with the approval of CCC to develop a sub section of our website to contain the detailed essential merchandize specifically designed for the XT bikes and that has also has proved to have been a very succesful project.

Let it be know that we consider Carbon Cans Co. exhausts to be top notch quality exhausts at very competitive prices and for the benefit of every forum members we have established a perfect discount deal with CCC and you can only hear praises about these cans from all the people that have bought them. I personally would have not sponsored any company if I was aware of their products to be poor simply becasue I would have not liked to loose my face with people's complaints that a product is bad.


In relation to the forum, I must admit, the people here are fantastic, the Administrators, the Moderators are all down to earth people and whenever there have been misunderstanding these have all been cleared with honest and professional approach.

The front door here is a revolving door, people will come and go as they please, I am so happy that we have really gathered a great bunch of members who all understand the difference between this forum and other lays in the fact that we are not here to show off how fast they can get there there but rathere with how much more fun we do it in.

We don't have any issues of childish upmanship such as... "my bike is better than yours", or "no mate honda are crap, you should get a suzuki" We are all more or less in the same boat here and our only intent is to make our bike more fun to ride and not faster than the next guy. The concept of speed here it's all in your head. How fast you go it's all down to how fast are you able to ride without killing yourself.

We want to salute our great heros of this year and these have been Nobby from Australia, for having been one of the people who had their XT the longest (his mileage has been one of the highest so far) until he eventually sold it and purchased a Fazer 600. Still he remains a keen member of the forum and a great sport!

Lets not forget McThor who undertook the longest ever solo trip to Timbuktu you can read all his stories and blog here http://www.intoafrica.dk/ Thorsten has been awarded a Hero status on our forum for the simple fact that he proved to be a great survivor and coraugeous man, but also the simple fact that the XTR is bike with plenty of balls! If he can take it round the world than it's got to be mustard.

What can I say about Kev and Miguel that is not known already? These two are rare uncut diamonds and not just for their knowledge and wisdom, these are two of the most respectable people I have ever had the pleasure to know even though due to our geographical location I have never yet had the pleasure to shake hands with. The word Gentleman was created for people like Kev and Miguel.

This year, we have also had great additions to our moderators team with Carlyface and tlexup for the very popular "Spanish Brigade" and these two guys are also essential collaborators to the management of the spanish forum.

Tlexup, named Jesus, when he initially joined the forum, (no one knows why), he never even had an XT and no one pushed him to get one, I guess he was attracted by the fact that we had such a major and professional "spanish quarter" that he googled for, and that he became very attached to, his main bike is a Suzuki TL1000, but eventually he became so fascinated by the "fun factor" and appeal of the XT that he managed to get a good 2nd hand one and he is more than happy and impressed with that I am not so sure which one of the 2 bikes spends more time in the garage the XT or the TL? Carlyface on the other hand is also a very dedicated man and has helped Miguel a great deal with all the non english speaking spanish member in directing them to the various sections of the forum and has achieved also a great respect from his coutrymen for his dedication and professionality.

Freez in South Africa deserves my praises because of his knowledge and assistance with anything engine related, also a very nice chap and someone with bags and bags of experience with the XT's

Greece!! I haven't forgotten you!! You are now very important too and we can't mention Greece without mentioning another lovely chap, this man is quarter man, quarter guitar hero, and quarter excellent jeweller. You get J_maker and you get 3 men for the price of one!! What more can you ask for? I hear he is also a bit of a ladies man, good luck to him. He has helped me to develop the Greek forum with his translation of the sub threads and he is doing a great job of keeping it all togheter just by himself so to George for the great work, he recently organized a very long ride where North meets South and united 2 groups of greek forum members on a very long ride. Respect!

Back home in UK we can't forget to mention also our latest addition to the moderators team: Meach the man with the "ambiguous looking" xt aptly remaned "Julian Clary". Meach is always organizing succesful rides in the Midland area, always documented with lovely pics and on board videos. He filled a previously missing gap amongst forum members who live in the midlands and it should be an example to all the others nationwide, except for his bike colour choice, the saying should be... "you can do it, if you... B&Q it!" unfortunately not in his case, but he did try .

The others worth a respectable mention are the other veteran moderators like FostersMonster, Motonacio, Midlife Crisis (another hero adventuter http://www.xt660.com/site/node/86 )

And finally the most important mention is to be made about all of you who are the keen members of this forum, believe me without you, keeping the fire going, there would be no essence and you are all such a great bunch that I am so proud that thanks to you all I can continue to fuel this passion and keep this project going from strength to strength for as long as you continue to be part of it.

A big thanks to you all and let's hope the new forum year will be as much fun as these last 2 have been. I know only good can come out from the experiences lived so far, and I am confident this new year will be a blast too.


This message is for all new joining members, I recommend you take in as much as you can of

this forum and it's content, by copying important stuff onto your own machine.

This forum will close down on Dec 31st 2019 after 15 years of being online.

Thank you

Old 09-05-08, 13:34
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A truly excellant forum and so much information. I really wonder what I would have done if I had bought another bike. Pat on the pack to everyone that played a hand in putting this together.

Tack och bra jobbat från Sverige!

Old 09-05-08, 13:39
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Excellent words Capt and a to and all members. As you say i have never seen anywhere else where people ,who have never met and maybe are never likely to, will go out of their way to help others for no other reason than the love of bikes and our bikes especially (even the oddly coloured ones lol).
Lets hope this year we get even bigger and long may it continue.
A very big thanks to you and all the others who put so much work into making the friendly,helpful, informative place it is and have a good laugh along the way.
or olives???
quote motonacio "this is to certify Meach is not the prat you'd think from his posts"
Old 09-05-08, 13:56
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White goes wonderful on blue theme!! I had to highlight each paragraph to read!!

Well, I have never been a 'big' participant of any forums but I feel like I'm home here. You all been doing great, I really am happy to be around. Reading your posts, fascinated by Kev's work, getting help from folks.

Congratulation to your anniversary and I do wish this place stays as cool as it's been. Thanks to Captain, all contributers and sponsors and adms and mods

Happy birthday

Old 09-05-08, 13:59
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Happy birthday to the forum

A very big thankyou to everyone out there who had a part in making this forum so good, ive been on 1 or 2 other forums but have to say this is the best, and filled with very freindly people who are willing to help at the drop of a hat.

A big extra special thankyou goes out to Captmoto as he is the boss man who calls all the shots and tries to make sure peace is keep within the forum (no advertising people etc) and too kev who is the techy mind behind alot of the great mods that can be bought for the range of XT bikes

Well done lads (and ladies)
Plough on
Old 09-05-08, 14:19
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Hats off to you all. As I said last year its a great forum and only enhances the ownership of an XT.

My recent visit by a sports bike owning friend served to reinforced why I made the right choice in ditching the point and go's etc etc, fun is not to be found at 150mph or 14,000 RPM its found at XT660.COM!

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Old 09-05-08, 14:27
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Thank you CaptMoto for giving us all the opportunity to be a part of this forum and being able to consult the foremost technical people on the web and getting the most reliable and trustworthy advice obtainable at virtually no cost.

My Mods | TLC | A good spannering | Kev's brilliant Mods & advice via XTSupporters - Best £10 ever spent.Lucid Puppy && SeaMonkey - Wubi - - Boinc - electric sheep

"Strive to be the person your dog thinks you are"

Old 09-05-08, 15:06
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Fran what can we say, if you did not take the challenge in opening the XT660.com forum 2 years ago, we all would not be here. The amount of hours you have to spend on the forum is a job unto it's self. Thanks for all you have done for all of us this past year.

A big thanks goes to Miguel, who also puts in long hours behind the scenes keeping the IT side of things in shape. Also thanks to all the Moderators for their help as well. All of us keep the ship steaming forward in some order, a great effort from all.

Finally thanks goes to the forum members, without you guys we would not be here either. All your valid feed back & post are read by many members around the globe, with thousands of hits a month, keep them coming.

Rock on ahead XT660.com forum.
Click here to join the XT Supporter's scheme

Mods that I have done to my XTX's

My 04 XTX
Stage 1 & 2 DNA filters / Kev fuel mod / snorkel mod / Drilled air box mod / Engine breather mod / Fork Spacer mod / 15w fork oil /
My 07 XTX
Raptor 700 cylinder 102mm / Modified Crank Case to take a 105mm Raptor Cylinder / 11:1 102mm JE Raptor piston / Stage 1 Raptor Hot Cam / Ported head / Colder Spark Plug / +2mm Throttle body / DNA stage 1 & 2 filters / Modified Air Box / Snorkel removed / Worry Brothers stage 2 filter cover / 6mm & 8mm Bolts Replaced with Titanium Bolts / Recovered seat in Black / O2 Eliminator /

My 09 XTX
59HP at the rear wheel / Stage 2 Raptor Hot Cam / DNA stage 3 Air Box / Carbon Can Exhausts / Modified Exhaust Link Pipes / PCIII With Custom Fuel Map / Wideband Commander O2 Data logger / LCD100 Dyno Jet display & fuel adjuster / 2500 OHM HT lead instead of a 10K OHM XT lead / Extra Coolant Cooler / Protaper Fat Bars / Tail Tidy With LED Tail Light / OKE Protection Knobs / LED indicators / AIS blocked / Modified rear sprocket rubbers / Rear Foot Pegs removed / 09 ECU With 02 Sensor Changed To A 06 ECU / Complete wiring harnes Changed from 09 to 04 / Home made LED resistor flasher / Hole drilled in the fuel tank filler neck to allow quicker filling / Modified Bar End Weights / Progressive front fork springs, 15W fork oil, forks lowered 25mm, used XTR rear links lowering the rear 20mm, rear spring one click stiffer / Changed front & rear guards from blue to black / 47T rear sprocket / Speedo Healer V4.0 / Kev throttle cam mod / Throttle grip mod / The new 2010 O2 sensor mod is out, works a treat, The new 2012 O2 Controller is out, PM me for details

Now ride a 2018 MT09SP ABS + TCS

My KTM 990 SMR Mod book. http://www.ktmsmt.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4946

Old 09-05-08, 15:22
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It is such a great thing when you earn so much respect by so many people around the world.
CaptMoto, with his unique personality and integrity, has manadged to earn everyone's respect and unite people from all over the world with same interests that feel eachother like brothers, eventhough most of us have never met in person!!!
I personally admire this Italian as he is the most trustworthy person I have known in my life. I wish soon I get to visit London, meet you all guys but most... shake this man's hand!
XT660.com is the best friendship I have ever had !
a HUGE thanks to all admins, mods, members!!!
My Mods
Kev's Fork Spacers - DNA stage 1 filter - Kev's O2 eliminator - Denso Iridium Spark Plug - AFAM XBAR - HEL brake line - Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tires - Acerbis handguards

XTX - Better than SEX

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Old 09-05-08, 15:27
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One of if not the best motorcycle forum's i have seen, very proud to be part of it ,and look forward to the months/years ahead....

many thanks to all concerned that run and maintain the forum

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