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Old 20-06-16, 21:00
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fork rebuild parts and tools


I had planned to change springs and oil in my forks. I also decided to get emulator (australian Teknik version).
My bike has 42000km and i guess the fork never got serviced. After i removed the springs, i noticed how "sticky" the fork legs are when sliding them. I am no expert, i only "opened" one fork before, my wr250r's, and while it was not supersmooth, sliding was much faster and required less force.

So i guess it's time to look at the bushings.
While i'm at it, i suppose it's a good idea to change oil seals? (although no trace of leaking oil)

I see that off the road sells a complete kit for 95€ (with dust seals, top o rings, bottom seal rings, clips).

There are several seals available on ebay (bihr, athena, all balls, lextek, saito..), from 10 to 30€
I have more trouble finding the bushings.

I guess the quality of the seals affects how long they will last before failing. The quality of the bushing affects how smooth and friction-less the forks will slide, as well as their longevity.

OTR will be the easy choice (all included package) but i don't know if their oil seals and bushings are in the "top of the range" or not.

Any advice where and what to buy?

Second point, tools. It seems i will need some sort of seal driver. Any pointer for a cool tool? Or is DIY possible without too much pain?

Old 20-07-16, 15:02
Nener Nener is offline
SemiPro XT-Moto
Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Marseille
Posts: 39
Nener is on a distinguished road
Ok so i did my homework, and here is what i found:

- OTR responded their seals were NOK or "equivalent good quality". No information on the bushings.

- Hard to find information about SKF, but their USA website lists an oil seal reference for the xt660z 2008+ (curious as it is no sold in the US...): SFK 43mm for Kayaba, the ref is OSB43k

- Innteck/SKF makes bushings, refs SKTE43K (external) and SKTI43K

- Innteck/SKF makes a complet package with all bushings, oil and dust seals, ref IN-RE43K

I bough the later one. The oil seal have a different shape than stock, so the stock clip doesn't fit well on it, but the seal as a metal ring holding it (like on the stock dust seal).

I have 500km on it so far, all seems well. I can't tell if it is because of new seals, bushings, spring, oil, or teknik emulator but wow... things are much better now. Less diving/movment, yet smoother ride.
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Old 20-09-19, 10:04
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Special Tool

Hi, what did you use as for special tool to hold the damper rod?

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