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Newbies Reception Lounge Newbie introduction forum, just say hi and show us your bike, tell us where you're from and how you've found us, and see how many will welcome you aboard!!

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Old 10-01-19, 11:40
RalEva RalEva is offline
Newbie XT-Moto
Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: Germany
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RalEva is on a distinguished road
RalEva = Ralf + Eva = Motorradnomaden

Hello dear forum friends,

Now we have been owners of our new used XT660Z Teneres for almost 1 year.
Shortly thereafter I have registered here in the forum and have already received one or the other useful information here. Thanks for that!!

As in many other social media, there are such people who want to be right over and over, but that's probably the way it seems.
I wish all of us a friendly and respectful interaction with each other and who knows, maybe one or the other is right, even if you do not believe it (at the moment).

The impossible is often the untried.

Now something about us, because I am also here in the interest of Eva.

We, RalEva = Ralf + Eva = Motorradnomaden, have driven around the world with our old XT 600 Tenere 1 VJ.
From 1998-2000 we traveled from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, then again from 2004-2007 to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Since we were back, we had hardly any desire to ride a motorcycle, but slowly it seems to be growing again. That's why we decided to treat ourselves to something new and decided in January 2018 fto buy two identical XT660Z Teneres (year 2012 + 2014).
In the hope of not having to work too much on the bikes.

Because after the motorcycle world trip, I simply had no desire to repair the old bikes again and again. Constantly I had the feeling, that I also have to think about which tool and spare part I have to take with me, for just driving to the gassation.

Well, that was the idea.
But I have read about problems with the lack of lubrication on the rear swing arm and the steering head bearing, so I thought to check them.
Promptly it turned out that our two Teneres, with only about 13.000 KM mileage, have worn the steering head bearing, also the swingarm of Evas Tenere was in a pretty bad condition. :-(

I'll fix that in winter, then start the new season with 2 well served 660s Teneres.

I have already made the following modifications to our Teneres:
- Kev mod + O2 controller, both run much calmer and take the gas much better.
- Intake snorkel removed
- The constant "popping" of the exhaust I have fixed, in which I have closed the hole on the air filter.

Both Teneres had already a lighter 2 in 1 exhaust (Akrapovic + Exan) and a small tail from OTR.

By the way, I also spend (too much) time in the Facebook group XT660Z Tenere.
Unfortunately there are many questions that could be easily be answered by reading the manual or studying the forums (XT-660.de, XT660.com, Tenere.de)

Best wishes from Germany and an interesting exchange of experience

Ralf (& Eva)

Last edited by RalEva; 12-01-19 at 15:23.
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Old 11-01-19, 00:00
greatescape's Avatar
greatescape greatescape is offline
XT-Moto SuperStar

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Location: chichester
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Sounds like a good plan....and a great philosophy!. The other mod I always nag people about is the 'free' throttle mod that makes a real difference to the throttle action. All the details are in the forum. The one thing that makes the Tenere smoother and nicer to ride is chain adjustment.....find the sweet spot and it transforms the Tenere!!, cheers, Steve
Old 12-01-19, 12:31
CaptMoto's Avatar
CaptMoto CaptMoto is offline
The Guv'nor
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Pheew, for a minute I thought that post was spam....

RalEva's post got me confused at the start but thankfully its all ok.

Enjoy the forum.
This message is for all new joining members, I recommend you take in as much as you can of

this forum and it's content, by copying important stuff onto your own machine.

This forum will close down on Dec 31st 2019 after 15 years of being online.

Thank you

Old 12-01-19, 15:25
RalEva RalEva is offline
Newbie XT-Moto
Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: Germany
Posts: 3
RalEva is on a distinguished road
Thank you for not deleting my post.
I'm glad to be here and to get the great informations about our bikes!

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