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XT660Z Mods Share views on all the mods you have done and those you intend to do

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Old 24-01-16, 22:59
Pleiades Pleiades is offline
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Originally Posted by Pepsi View Post
c. Low down rpm, (less than 3500/3750 ish) had zero or negligible difference in ‘feel’ but as soon as 2nd gear hit 4000 rpm on the drive out of corners, things really perked up, (scenario #2). There appeared to be definitely more urgency in the drive out of corners and the need for the next gear.

f. Top gear, roll ons, where also pretty lively in comparison to stock breathing and pipes..........so long as the bike was over 3750 ish rpm. Anything below didn’t appear to deliver anything differently.
You will notice improvements to (c) and (f) with one of Kev's O2 Controllers installed.

Old 25-01-16, 08:32
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Thanks for your feedback pepsi, as mentioned correcting the closed loop A/F ratio with my O2 controller will improve your ride even further especially in the lower RPM's, with no O2 controller the closed loop will lean out the areas the fuel mod added when on the cruise, when riding in the open loop the fuel mod will not be corrected by the O2 sensor.

I have replied to your PM.
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Mods that I have done to my XTX's

My 04 XTX
Stage 1 & 2 DNA filters / Kev fuel mod / snorkel mod / Drilled air box mod / Engine breather mod / Fork Spacer mod / 15w fork oil /
My 07 XTX
Raptor 700 cylinder 102mm / Modified Crank Case to take a 105mm Raptor Cylinder / 11:1 102mm JE Raptor piston / Stage 1 Raptor Hot Cam / Ported head / Colder Spark Plug / +2mm Throttle body / DNA stage 1 & 2 filters / Modified Air Box / Snorkel removed / Worry Brothers stage 2 filter cover / 6mm & 8mm Bolts Replaced with Titanium Bolts / Recovered seat in Black / O2 Eliminator /

My 09 XTX
59HP at the rear wheel / Stage 2 Raptor Hot Cam / DNA stage 3 Air Box / Carbon Can Exhausts / Modified Exhaust Link Pipes / PCIII With Custom Fuel Map / Wideband Commander O2 Data logger / LCD100 Dyno Jet display & fuel adjuster / 2500 OHM HT lead instead of a 10K OHM XT lead / Extra Coolant Cooler / Protaper Fat Bars / Tail Tidy With LED Tail Light / OKE Protection Knobs / LED indicators / AIS blocked / Modified rear sprocket rubbers / Rear Foot Pegs removed / 09 ECU With 02 Sensor Changed To A 06 ECU / Complete wiring harnes Changed from 09 to 04 / Home made LED resistor flasher / Hole drilled in the fuel tank filler neck to allow quicker filling / Modified Bar End Weights / Progressive front fork springs, 15W fork oil, forks lowered 25mm, used XTR rear links lowering the rear 20mm, rear spring one click stiffer / Changed front & rear guards from blue to black / 47T rear sprocket / Speedo Healer V4.0 / Kev throttle cam mod / Throttle grip mod / The new 2010 O2 sensor mod is out, works a treat, The new 2012 O2 Controller is out, PM me for details

Now ride a 2018 MT09SP ABS + TCS

My KTM 990 SMR Mod book. http://www.ktmsmt.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4946

Old 25-01-16, 14:14
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15000 miles on a 7 year old bike, congrats on doing feck all mileage
Old 13-11-16, 21:46
teotyre teotyre is offline
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Is there a reason why we should cut the blue/black wire and not the brown?
Old 22-08-19, 15:36
frdabk frdabk is offline
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Talking Wow

First of all...WOW! THANKS KEV <3

My Tén = Hardcore level (now)

After some time, i finally had some time to mount everything on my bike. (vacations are cool)

It's a 30m job...had zero problems.

Here are some pictures for you guys

And here...my BEAST (and no...i'm not the beauty...)

So, for those who may have questions regarding this mod (FUEL MOD + O2 + DNA Stage 1,2 & 3...

DONT! you will have a new bike after a 30m work...

Thanks again KEV...really <3

Oh...i'm from Portugal...i tested the mod for like 1 week now at 23-35º (celsius)

I find that the fuel mod knob works better at 6 o'clock position but i will continue testing for sure.

For now, juts another happy rider!

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