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General Discussions & Off Topic Post all your general interest stuff here and please keep the "smut" in the BASEMENT, thanks

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Old 21-04-18, 09:04
rihardszz rihardszz is offline
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Looking for info on the XT660R ( 2007. model )


I currently have a chance to buy one of the XT660R bikes, but since I dont have a lot of experience in these types of bikes, I would like to gather some information first.

I would really like to have some pros and cons of the bike if possible. Preferably from someone who owns the 2007 year model, since thats the one I am looking at currently.

Ive seen mixed reviews so far over different year models. I am interested in particular how well does the engine and other components hold up after years of use, since it is now 9 years old bike. Would that set me for some issues along the road, or does it hold up good ?

Also wondering about the oil consumption


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Old 23-04-18, 23:22
cca cca is offline
Expert XT-Moto
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Great bike. I sold it last year with 55 000 km. No issues at all. OK, maybe steering neck bearings. No oil consumption. Pros and cons depends on your intended use and expectations. Bullet proof. If the bike is in good condition, take it. I am riding naked bike now and from this perspective, XTR has been so comfortable . I am missing that bike.
Old 25-04-18, 03:11
Nitromoz Nitromoz is offline
SemiPro XT-Moto
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gReat bike

id like to shout out how good the R is

Handling 9/10
Comfort 9/10
Bulletproofness 9/10
Sound 9/10
Dual sport 9/10
E.t.c. 9/10

Only con is they drink fuel but the fun factor is worth paying for more than 20 - 40 more extra miles out of a tank if you bought something more economical depending on how your gonna use the bike but I can go to the local shop on mine and still have a smile like

a Cheshire cat
Old 25-04-18, 21:58
englishbandit englishbandit is offline
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I have 2 xt660r both 2007 reg bikes, I also ride a fireblade 929, and an Fz1n. I bought the xt660r for some short distance fun. I can honestly say they may not be the fastest bike on the road but are lots of fun. I have one with all the mods and one 100% standard. Both ride with no faults at all. As long as you look after them. And service them regularly. You should have no problems with them. Just make sure it’s a good bike to start with. Was out on mine ( wife on other one) yesterday did 150 miles on the twisty roads and they are just perfect for it. Was out one the cbr 929 the day before and have no problems going from one to the other. The xt660 will sit at 75 to 80 mph no problems at all. They will do 100 but no point. Only thing I would say I would not want to do a long time on a motorway on one, but other than that I don’t have any issues with them at all, some people say they are jumpy in traffic and so on. But if you know how to ride you know how to ride after all it’s a single and they ride different to a in line 4.And to be honest I love riding it. Just remember it’s not a race bike so if you like doing 100 plus these are no good,but if you just like to go out and stick to or just over the speed limits these are grate, one thing I will say if you are going to ride it in the wet make sure you protect the engine paint with ACF50. Both my bikes still look brand new one has 7000 ish and the other 6000 ish miles on them both in showroom condition. 1 and 2 owner bikes. I would stay away from high mileage bikes An less they are cheap. And you really want a good service history. As it’s a big single I change my oil and oil filter every 1000 miles or every year what ever is first, over the top I know but that’s what I do. As long as the engine has been serviced regularly they are pretty bulletproof. The xt660x has a better riding position for me. There is something just not right with the XT660R riding position nothing you can not put up with I just find my back hurts / aches a bit on it after about 60 miles. I find the riding position makes you slump or arch your back a bit to much. but I had no such problem with the xt660x ,and I have no problems on my cbr or fz1 ,just the xt660r Hope this helps. Ps I will keep my two xt660 for years they will not do 1000 miles a year but have to have one in the garage ��

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Old 25-04-18, 23:27
nikroc nikroc is offline
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Got one..love it.

Service history may put your mind at ease. Regular oil and filter changes keep the engine sweet.

New tyres make a world of difference to handling and confidence in the bike.

If you get one Id recommend that you go over every nut and bolt you can see,and then look for the ones you cant and TIGHTEN them up.
Old 01-05-18, 21:54
javahouse javahouse is offline
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I have a 56 plate and it's great fun. I just can't change it. The KTM is less like a single, more like a parallel twin, and too fast too easy. The XTR is just lots of fun. I've put 20,000 on mine. I prefer less road based tyres as I prefer to feel the tyre move a little. Michelin Sirac or Conti escapes are cheap and ideal. Oil change every 2k filter every other. Stick some extra packing in the cush drive. K&N filter and the Kev mod... just for the induction roar. It does 130 miles to a tank. It's a pain on motorways, and 300 miles a day is a big day.
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Old 02-05-18, 21:29
englishbandit englishbandit is offline
XT-Moto SuperStar
Join Date: Jan 2016
Location: Earth
Posts: 341
englishbandit is on a distinguished road
Javahouse you could not have said it any better. I have 2 xt660r and 100% 300 miles on these in a day an you bloody know it. And 100% motorways are a no no if doing anything more than 20 miles on one. But for local fun they are spot on. I have to have one in my garage, but would not have it as my only bike. I love it when I want a lazy day out, but when out with my mates, and we all ride fast so the xt660 just does not have the legs for that sort of riding. But I still love it.

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