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XT660R Reviews The "R" - Good or Bad

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Old 15-06-08, 19:19
maxwell123455 maxwell123455 is offline
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XT660R review

Seeing as not much is going on the forum at the moment i thought i would write up my review of around 9-10months with an XTR.

I got my 06 XTR in sept 07 and road it through out the winter to uni everyday. The bike came with a larger screen, handguards, heated grips and a rear rack. I also added a bash plate straight away to keep the crude off the front pipes and to protect them when i did a bit of off roading in wales.

After around 8k miles i can say the XTR is a great bike for what i need it for. Great for commuting on as its so slim and pokey, can carry a good amount of luggage when needed, has enough poke/go to put larger more powerful bikes to shame, is easy on petrol/maintenance/tyres/costs, can tour easy enough, is comfy enough for my type of touring (slowish so i can see the country) can do any off roading,etc etc the list goes on its just such an all round good bike.

Ive also added a set of CCC exhaust (cheap and nice and loud), some extra lights, my massive topbox and a few other bits and bobs.

Because the bike is so good i have even planned a 3-4week touring hoilday with a friend to go around europe totalling around 3.5k miles or so. I know the bike will hack the pace and complete it ok.Plan to visit the Millau bridge in french, the stelvio pass in italy, then the nurburginring in germany, then come through england and visit a few of the members and great places there.

I did 2 days off roading in Wales and after fitting off roading tyres the bike worked fine and i even surprised my instructor who throught i couldnt have done most of things with out hassle. The bike was fine, maybe slightly heavy but took it all in its stride normally having too much power for off roading. I add some of kevs raising links on the bike to raise it a bit and they work fine only letting the bashplate touch down once or twice. (took them off for normal road riding as i find it speeds the steering up too much and makes it nervous at motorway speeds)

Problems found. The only problems ive had like many is the surging, but its not too bad now ive fitted my cans, K&N air filter and changed the CO reading. Also at motorway speeds + the bike can vibrate the bars a good bit, nothing massive but at sustained speed can cause sore hands. At the moment i have a leaky oil seal around the gear lever but nothing big hopefully.

So for a basic round up its a great bike for me and does most if not all the stuff i want it to do. Its a great all round bike and will hopefully last me for a long time to come yet.

Forgot to add the question that always should be asked is would i buy another one? Well if i had the money i would be looking alot at the new Tenere as its sort of what i want the XTR to be but if it were my money i would have another XTR maybe an 08 with the black rims + all the extras i put on.
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Old 16-06-08, 00:14
H00v3rman H00v3rman is offline
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Nice review, and good to hear that the bike is still going strong and giving enjoyment.

I've only had my XTR 2 weeks but it already feels like the one that's gonna stay around for 2 or 3 years. (2 or 3 years is about 25 to 35 thousand miles for me). Normally after about 20,000 miles I'm looking for a change but unless a cheap XTZ tempts me away I can't see that happening with this one. It's just so great to ride!
Old 16-06-08, 09:28
colros colros is offline
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Thumbs up

Excellent Review, Only had the XTX since Friday so too early to write something subjective, but enjoying so far. Also interested to see the the Cans and other mods effect the surging I do find it difficult to run at an even part throttle pace but blamed the input device

Old 16-06-08, 10:16
billy_rosi billy_rosi is offline
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Location: Athens
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Very nice review mate!

Having mine 3 months now, and after 8000km. I feel great!

The XTR has everything I need from a motorcycle, plus more!

I've only fitted handguards for protection after two stupid falls when the machine was standing still...

The only thing I consider to upgrade/customise is the seat which is a little hard, but, after 8000km, it tires me a lot less...

Maybe my @ss is getting used to the XTR more and more!!!

Old 16-07-08, 21:37
Tomo7 Tomo7 is offline
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Fair review. I have had my xtr about 18-months (9,000 miles) and no problems - aside from the surging issues. Did you read the dodgy review in this weeks MCN comparing the F800gs against both the xtr and new z? Having just got back from a 2,500 mile tour of Scotland - I had to drive-up from the south coast of England on motorways (crusing at 80-plus with panniers and one lardy rider (17st) and pushed 100 from time to time to relieve the tedium - the review is a joke. The xt is written-off as having no grunt, excuss me, and not being up to serious touring.
I think, bearing in-mind the price difference between a new xtr and the xtz I would buy a z (the benefits of a double front disc, protection and apparent better fueling map) - its worth the extra few hundred pounds difference. Unfortunately for me the trade-in against my old xtr does not justify a swap at this point but if I were buying afresh it would.

Old 16-07-08, 22:44
McThor's Avatar
McThor McThor is offline
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Good review there Max. Allthough I am still shaking my head whenever someone talks about surging.

When are you leaving for the "mainland"? I'll be heading out late this summer myself, but not yet set on a destination (time will dictate my destination).
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Old 09-08-08, 13:04
JSD JSD is offline
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Location: Sydney
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Had mine for about a month

too be honest I havent detected any surging

I agree - at 100 no vibrations, at 110 minors vibs at 120 big vibs

the only complaint I have is more of a design that anything and that is if you drop it you are going to break fairings and possibly the radiator

I considered the Suzuki DR650 (can I say that here) and kinda wish the front styling was a bit more rugged like the DR (noting that it is oiled cooled)
Old 09-08-08, 13:43
maxwell123455 maxwell123455 is offline
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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
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Im sure you can say what you like. I would love to have one of those Dakar rally front ends on my bike, its just its alot of hassle to change over/buy. Ive the big screen on and hand guards and they do me fine at the moment as im not doing any trans continetal work yet!!!
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Old 09-08-08, 16:41
marjani marjani is offline
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I'm very pleased with my xtr. Just bought me a pair of xtx wheels so I can SM as well
Old 13-12-10, 07:01
woolls woolls is offline
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I was pleasantly surprised with my 09 XTR I brought it second hand with just 600 km on the clock and have just clocked over 4500km. I have had no surging or any problems, the bike is comfortable and it seems to like what ever was thrown at it. The last ride I did with a mate on his XR650R we did about 2000km. About 3/4 of that was gravel and dirt roads with a small section of heavily rutted 4WD tracks through Southland and Otago. Yes it wasn't as good as the XR on the heavy going. I think a ohlins rear shock and a bit of work on the front end would fix that but I cant decide if it is really necessary $$$. However I have done a few mods which I think are necessary if you want to go off road.

Michelin T63's front and rear
Metal Mule 2 into 1 exhaust
Blitz handle bars
Pug screen
OTR bash plate
OTR foot pegs
OTR centre stand
OTR rear rack

The only problem I had on the trip was I didn't have it on the side stand properly (my fault) when I was opening a gate, it fell and it bent the bloody radiator it was very minor damage but it did expose a weak point. Hopefully this can be cured with a touratech crash bar or a gilimoto tank as some extra fuel would be nice and it may help protect the radiator a bit. Anyone out there tried any of these two products?

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