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Meetings, Events, Ride Reports & Photos Write here where meetings will be held so more people can meet up.

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Old 09-08-18, 21:51
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Went over to the rally site early on the Wednesday to have a chill and get an early start to do a run of the rideout on the Thursday.
A bit of a boozy doo with the locals, late on Wednesday and a good nights kip.
Rode the route on Thursday but early night!
Friday went for a ride over to the Elan valley but rain stopped play so I came back early to meet and greet as they say.
Most came over Friday as some of the Irish contingent had stayed at Bridgenorth the day before, (and the night in the pubs I might add).
Friday night in the pub, excellent meal and beer. Harry from Holland turned up.

Breakfast in the pub and we set off for 11 ish. Brilliant rideout, about 28 behind me, really good riders with no problems. 100 miles all in. First stop Beulah for fuel. Went around Llyn Brianne with a Lunch stop at the Owls Nest just outside Llandovery.
Down to the Mynydd Bwlch-y-Groes road (Military road, allegedly part of the Welsh road race circuit) Then back to Beulah (fuel) and back to the site.
Another excellent meal and beers in the pub, the landlord got a round of whisky for the stragglers at stupid o clock, then back to the site to start over again! One of the guys brought along a brazier and some wood so we had a bit of a party!

The farmer who owns the field came over and was singing Welsh songs til late along with some of our Welsh contingent. Was taken over to the farm at 3 o clock!
Harry left early (@6:30am) I left the site at 2pm!, bit of a hangover.
Went over to Brodgenorth for the evening to stay at Timbo's place who had helped organise the event. A few others ended up there as well!
Beers and a meal in some of the pubs, people crashed all over the place, even in the yard!
Some went down to have a look around the workshops at the steam railway in the am. I met them later and we got a day rover ticket on the train and had an afternoon of museums and trains and drink!
Stragglers left during the day but I stayed a further evening with a few others and we all left on the Tuesday morn.
If you can get on to the Thumper Club site , Aliwakeskate from this site has posted some pics there.

We had at one point over 30 bikes from both the Thumper club and XT660 groups. Some ABR lads. Bikes of all sorts, some 5 Tenere turned up and of course Arn on his R! One lady rode her Enfield from Ireland, we had a new Himalayan. PS Timbo now has a Tenere. It was a real eclectic mix of bikes and persons, absolutely brilliant and the weather really made the weekend.likeminded people having a good time with motorbikes.

One of our veteran ladies called it the best rally she had ever been to and I have known her for many a year.
A special thanks to Harry00 who came over from Holland, straight after a night shift I might add, made my day to see the big fella again.
A mention to some of our old friends that I didn't even know were coming, cheers guys.

......and a BIG BIG thanks to all who came for making the weekend so memorable because without you lot it would not have been so sucessful.

Cheers Steve

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Old 10-08-18, 08:01
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Sounds like a great ride out and meet up, I'm both pleased and mighty envious!. I don't know that part of the world at all but it sounds like a good place to ride. Glad plenty of people turned up...made me feel less guilty for not making it. Hopefully there will be a get together before the forum closes.....Cheers, Steve
Old 10-08-18, 09:19
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Hey Steve, I didn't know the whole area before I went. I had passed through quite a few times with Timbo and I had a good idea that it would be a good rally location. We talked to the landlord at the pub and it was go from there. I talked to locals and was advised about the military road which wouldn't even program in my GPS!
The idea of these rallies is to get people to explore a bit, find someone with local knowledge to show off their patch as it were.
This idea seems to have fallen on deaf ears so I took up the challenge.
We have another year to have a go, so if anyone has a good place to go using this format then lets do it....................or shall I just do it again?

Cheers Steve

PS Next time we have to do either Norfolk, Northumberland, South Wales, Scotland or...........?
If I'm not working, I'll be
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Old 10-08-18, 09:23
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Well..as you mentioned you had people from Ireland. ....Eagle Point Camping near Bantry Bay would be my suggestion! ....so many stunning roads to ride! Steve
Old 10-08-18, 10:13
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Originally Posted by steveD View Post
We have another year to have a go,.........?
Not necessarily the end of the road though

I'm working on something to fill the void a little

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Old 10-08-18, 20:37
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As Steve says, it was a fantastic weekend! Location was perfect. Weather was perfect. Banter was flowing. The pub was ace along with the landlord! Normally as a group of bikers we're not always welcomed, but the campsite owners and pub owners made us feel like a part of the community!

Massive thanks to Tim and Steve for organising a top draw rally. The ride out was superb on Saturday taking in some fantastic scenery and roads. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Really was a good day out at a nice pace that everyone could enjoy.

I'd definitely be up for a meet at that location again. Spot on!


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