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Old 21-07-17, 20:16
ivanoxx ivanoxx is offline
Junior XT-Moto
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Location: Slovakia
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Problems with checking oil

Hi guys. I have bad time checking my oil level. Engine is warm, then I turn it off, wait circa 5 minutes then doing all the stuff to check oil and there is Nothing at all or very low oil level. Im pretty sure that the OIL is there. Then I start the bike up, wait 5 seconds, turn it off, check oil again and its where its supposed to be. Sometimes the OIL is not showing up, sometimes it is. Then there is this thing that irritates me. When I Start up warm engine after like 5 mins of sitting . There is this loud ticking coming from engine and after like 10 seconds it goes away(not 100% away but its not that loud) Im pretty sure its valves but their gap was measured and is alrite

Edit: When I changed the oil this season, I did oil Level after like 100kms and there was NOTHING at all on spike. So I got scared and then poured the oil out and nothing was missing, so the oil is there.
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Old 22-07-17, 11:19
SimonRoma SimonRoma is offline
XT-Moto SuperStar
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Ivan old fellow, the oil level is one of the hardest games to play with these bikes!!! Dont forget:
1. Ensure that the bike is level so you need a centre stand or a paddock stand or a piece of wood under the side stand.
2. You must follow the instructions to the letter. Start the bike from cold and then switch off after 5 mins.
3. Remove the dipstick, wipe it, then replace it resting it without screwing it back in.

DONT PANIC!! In general (I have had 3 XTs and now a Raptor) these engines use little or no oil at all so once you get the level right you are good to go.
(Now sold on, sob) 2011 Blue XT660X with gold wheels, was 26,500 km.
Engine mods: K&N Stage 1 filter, DNA Stage 2 filter, snorkel removed, Kev fuel mod fitted.
Plus: smoked Puig screen, Yam aluminium sump guard, Yamaha / Acerbis handguards, Givi Trekker aluminium side cases, Leo Vince X3 cans plus Kev front fork mod and Fender Xtender. Just fitted Michelin Road Pilot 3 tyres.

SOLD the XTX for a Super Ten 1200. And just bought a Raptor 700 so staying on here for some tips....
Old 27-07-17, 18:51
dallas dallas is offline
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I always check the oillevel after each ride, the engine is warm, let it idle for a few minutes, keep straight, turn of the engine, wait a minute and check the oil with the dipstick on the filling hole(not screwed in). That's how I've always checked all of my XT's present and in the past, never had any problems.
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Old 28-07-17, 00:01
MjW MjW is offline
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As people say checking the oil requires a ritual. First time I did it I pulled it off. Second year, I messed things up. (Overfilled and broke a screw).

Here is the question I asked before the first oil change. Maybe it can help.

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