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Pleiades 26-04-12 06:21

How far does your XTZ go before the F-Trip starts flashing?
There seems to be a recurring debate about the tank range of the Tenere, so I thought it might be good too get an idea of what's going on in the real world. As the title says - how many miles (Km) do you get on average before the F-Trip starts flashing and you're into the "reserve"?

Post any other relevant details like, mpg (l/100Km), theoretical tank range, any fueling mods and maybe what type of fuel you use.

Pleiades 26-04-12 06:30

F-Trip usually starts flashing after approximately 190 miles and takes roughly 16.5 litres of fuel at about 53 mpg, giving a theoretical range to empty of about 250 miles.

Relevant mods: Exan 2-1, PCV + 02 Optimizer, DNA Stage 3
Fuel: Usually 99RON Super
Riding style: Pretty average I'd guess, don’t hang about, but I’m no Michael Dunlop either! ;)

Gas_Up_Lets_Go 26-04-12 07:53


Small problem....

There is no option for "random" :shave[1]:

wuming 26-04-12 11:36

Usually 211-220 miles before F trip. Can be a bit more or less. No fuel or engine mods, standard exhaust. Usually about a third of a tank left at F trip.

rtwpaul 01-05-12 02:44

i found this in my photos of my RTW (so far)

this is one of my better mileage days, from a full tank start i filled up at 301.3 miles, i put in 4.399 gallons - remember the US gallon is smaller than the UK, the tank holds approx 5.1 UK gallons or 6.1 US gallons so the theoretical range was 417.81 miles to the tank


Gandiva 26-09-12 03:17

when i was still running the bike in i got to 410k's before the f-trip kicked in (no extended periods over 4500 rpm for the first thousand k's then nothing over 6200rpm till 1600 k's...decided to follow the manual) now im upping the tacho a bit more and the fuel economy varies. no average as yet.

maxwell123455 02-10-12 13:21

Not sure on tank range just yet but i filled up my just purchased tenere and with faffing around on 50-60mph roads all day with quiet a high 4-5k rpm average i got 60mpg which i thought wasnt too bad. Also in most places it was very windy at around 50-60mph as well!!!!

wuming 05-09-13 18:23

Latest tank would have covered 371 miles; F-trip kicked on at 277.7 miles. Standard 95 petrol. Only thing I did differently this time was add Militec metal conditioner to the oil; from Zenoverland. This bike just keeps getting better. Over 70 mpg!

majland 11-09-13 12:50

My ten is still new to me and I've only refueled twice. So not much for statistics...

Both refuels has been 21,8liter when I chickened out looking at the F-Trip counter and refueled. Then I had done 63 and 75km on F. (first was highway and second was smaller roads)

Assuming the 5,8 liter reserver is real Looking at the last refill somethings don't add up - but very close

The average on the last tank was 21,7km/l. And the last few hundreds km was not highway so not less than the average.
17,2liter to reserve at 21,7km/l gives 373km until F (Reality was 399km)

I should then have used 4.6 liter on F in only 75km meaning only 16,3km/l - don't think so.

Instead assuming the average og 21,7km/l I've only used 3,5liter and then reserve first kicked in at 18,3 liters

(and 18,6liter by the first refill)

But maybe I'm just filling it with about 1liter more than its nominal capacity...

I have still to run it dry and see how much I can fill it with to the brim. But looks like I can assume to do between 80 (highway at 110km/h) to 95km (roads at 90-100km/h)

Mike101 11-09-13 15:49

I get just about the same on every tank.

F trip comes on at 250 miles

I fill up at 50 miles on F trip so 300 in total and get just under 22ltr in the tank.

Thats around 63 mpg.


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