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Why Should I Join XT660.com?
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Dear Visitors,

A number of people have contacted the board asking why is this forum not open to view to the public, and why does it require for user to register in order to be able to view all it's content.

One of the question often asked is, "why can't we see what we are likely to get before actually registering, so that we can make our mind whether to join or not?"

Our answer to those is that we are the leading XT660 forum & website worldwide, we are recognised with respect by Yamaha UK Motors and with over 12'000 registered members, rest assured there is quality to be expected. If you have registered, and later found this forum not to be of interest to you, there are no obligations and you are more than welcome not to return. Although we doubt this would be your reaction.


The reason why we have a compulsory registration is simple, if you see other forums which are open to public, you will notice that a number of them are being bombarded by spammers and other obscure identities whose only interest is to attach links to illicit websites, often porn, and of dubious commercial interest (viagra, cyalis, penis enlargement and similar nonsense) all of which, we intend to keep out of here.

With a registered membership system , we are able to "filter" all these attempts and remove them at the time of registration, and the only reason why we do this is to protect our members, keep the peace in the forum, and to provide the informative and professional assistance to people which we have successfully managed to achieve so far.

As we've said before, the registration process is simple for new members and it won't take longer than a minute, after which the job is left to us to screen genuine members from those time wasters mentioned above.

We want this forum to be a safe environment for you all, allowing our users to safely view these pages at work or with children around, wihout ever being embarassed by illicit content and nasty pictures.

We could not achieve this integrity with an "open to all" forum.

Thank you for understanding

The XT660.com Staff

XT660.com Rules of Conduct
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Proper Use

This forum is the ideal place for owners of the Yamaha XT660X & R and the new XT660Z Tenere, to discuss their experiences, either positive, or negative.


- Keep your posts factual and impersonal.
- Refrain from being rude, no matter how aggrieved you are.


All views expressed in this forum are those of the members only, and not those of xt660.com, or their staff.

People here are allowed to voice personal opinions, but all subjects are to be posted with the intent of sharing valuble info amongst users.

Please refrain from getting into heated arguments with other users, as more often than not it makes YOU look silly, and if you see that the person you are discussing things with is strongly disagreeing with you, please do not retailiate with anger, or belittle them, just walk away from a possible on-line fight with superiority whilst remaining polite all the times.

For any issue that you need assistance with, please contact the moderators and administrators via pm

Please also note that only one membership per single individual is allowed in this forum - Our software detects when one person is registering more than one time with the same IP address. Unless someone can prove that he/she has re-registered by mistake or because they have forgotten their password (which can be reissued with a new one) this will be considered as a breach of forum rules and that person can be issued with a permanent IP ban.

Admins & Moderators

note: new members are kindly requested not to use offensive names or references in their usernames when they register for the first time, If you have already registered with a non "p.c." name and wish to change it email the board admin to assist, as more often than not offensive names will not go past the registration approval.

Disclaimer: WARNING this forum is highly addictive - XT660.com or their staff will not be held responsible for the amount of time you spend on line and the amount of money you are likely to spend on mods and aftermarket parts, you've been warned

I'm having problems with the registration process... Help!

Please note that while the registration process in this forum is pretty simple, there are still some people who might be having problems registering correctly, so here below is a simple guide on how to register:

You will be asked to provide a unique username and password, your location, Town / Country, your occupation and finally a security code to be manually entered which prevents an automated bot from registering as in the example below:

WARNING: Multiple entries

Please be adviced that the forum software is quite sophisticated and able to detect multiple entries, by checking i.p. addresses of all users. In the event of users who have registered more than once, the software will send a notification to the forum super admin (xtxadmin) who will automatically disable these multiple entries from being active in the forum.

If any of you has erroneusly entered a second resigstration please notify the super admin by sending a message in the "Contact Us" form, specifying which is the correct entry they wish to keep activated, and which is the wrongly entered one which they want us to delete. I would like to point your attention to this thread

Additional info for people wishing to register with XT660.com:
Please note that our sophisticated forum software performs an IP check on each individual registrations, and if someone states to be from USA for example and their IP points to a network in India, that registration is immediately voided and cancelled. Please make sure you truthfully select on the correct country / town you are in, to make sure you application is accepted accordingly,


The XT660.com Staff

The XT660.com Staff - Full List of who we are, and what everyone does.
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Site owner, Administrator and Manager. The Boss.

Resident Technical Guru and Administrator. Kev has a dedicated 'Ask Kev' section for those really tricky bike related questions. (The Ask Kev Section is restricted to 'XT Supporters' only - for more info, see the FAQ section about membership levels).

Forum Moderator (All Forums). Leader / Organizer of the popular Yearly Lakeland Ride Events - Here to guide people and assist with thread and post management.

Forum Moderator (Greek Forum). Here to guide people and assist with thread and post management.

The Different Levels of Membership (including XT Supporters Membership scheme)
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If you have just registered, then by default, you are a 'Registered User'. You have the following abilities:

Photo Gallery : You can view all the pictures but not upload your own.

Private Messages : The PM inbox is limited to 10 messages per user

Attachments in Posts: No attachment can be posted however you can link videos from You Tube or similar and paste photo links hosted elsewhere such as "Photoshack" or others.

Ask Kev: Unfortunately the ASK KEV section where you can ask your personal technical advice to Kev will be limited to the XT-Supporters only.

There are no other restrictions.



If you decide to pay the subscription fee (£10 per annum, payable via PayPal), then the following rights are assigned to your account:

There is a thread on the Forum that has a step-by-step guide to the subscription process available here

Photo Gallery: Unlimited upload facility

Private Messages : The PM inbox has a quota of 50 messages per user.

Attachments in Posts : All attachments will be allowed

Ask Kev : Full access to the ASK KEV section

Yamaha XT660X/R Service Manual Download : The manual will be available for download to XT-Supporters, free of charge

Forum Stickers : All XT-Supporters will receive a free set of 2 stickers. Non paying members can buy these on line from our shop.

How do I get technical advice about my XT660X or XT660R, and what sort of information can I expect?
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There are lots of different areas within XT660.com, and there is a specific 'Tech' section dedicated to technical advice and findings.

You are welcome to post something in this section, but for the really complicated questions, you should 'Ask Kev'!

The 'Ask Kev' section is managed by (no prizes for guessing) Kev, one of our administrators. Kev is our resident technical guru (he is a mechanic by trade), and his technical knowledge is second to none.

The 'Ask Kev' section is only available to XT Supporting Members, so if you wish to pose a specific question to Kev, then you will need to sign up.

Information on joining the XT Supporter scheme is available here

The genuine Yamaha XT660X/R Service manual is also available from our downloads section. It is free to XT Supporters, or can be purchased via PayPal or Ebay seperatly.

An example of the type of information is detailed in the following image; we think you'll begin to see that the technical info available is vast!

The XT660.com Staff

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