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Fuel Mod

For: Yamaha XT660X, XT660R and XT660Z Tenere

This mod is for 2004 to present models!!!

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Want to increase the fuel mixture for that new Exhaust or want to fit DNA stage 1 & 2 filters & worried about running your XT660 to lean, then this is the fuelling device for you. It is very easy to fit; you only cut one wire & join the two ends to the fuel controller via a quick connector supplied with the mod. This fuel mod is designed to run with your O2 sensor connected. I also supply full instructions via download with the XT660 workshop & parts manuals. So if you can’t afford a Power Commander then this mod is for you. This fuel mod fits XTX XTR & XTZ all models & all years.

How it works:

How it works: This fuel mod adjusts the Air temperature reading down from the actual ambient temperature. By adjust the temperature reading down the Engine Control Unit (ECU) thinks it is colder than it really is, so in turn makes the mixture slightly richer.

The Fuel Mod is sold with free posting World Wide, please allow 24 hours for me to respond as I live in Australia in a different time zone to most buyers. Payment is by PayPal, Mod is shipped from Australia.

Fuel mod from 2004 to present (included) models.

Buy Now Price: $90.00 AUD  


Modifications Encyclopedia

For: Yamaha XT660X, XT660R & XT660Z Tenere

The complete guide to modifications YAMAHA XT660X, XT660R and XT660Z (from 2004 to current)

The Complete guide to modifications, performance enhancements, including performance exhausts, air filters, fuel injection, suspensions and Power Commander maps encyclopedia, all available in one place. The book contains a complete modification index in PDF format, the complete book has over 750 pages of pictorial information with detailed information on certain subjects. I have tried to add as much information in areas where the information was available. All the mods have actually been carried out with proven results. All permissions were granted from the XT660.com to produce this Modification Index.

Please Note:
This MOD Book is in English and is on offer via Download Only.

Please allow 24 hours for me to respond with the download links as I live in Australia & live in a different time Zone to most buyers.

By Kev

Buy Now Price: $25.00 AUD


O2 Controller + Fuel Mod

For: Yamaha XT660X, XT660R, XT660Z Tenere and MT03

Please Note:

  • All mods will be posted to your PayPal shipment address so make sure your postal address is correct before paying.
  • This sale includes 1 x O2 controller + 1 x Adjustable Fuel mod for XT660 X/R/Z & MT03 models.
  • Installation Instructions can be downloaded to your PC not phone.
  • From 25.11.2014 all O2 controllers no longer come with a LED (*)
  • The Kev 2012 XT660 O2 Controller Mod fits all models XT660 X/R/Z & MT03 from 2007 onwards that have O2 sensors.
  • Due to constant request I have now included my Adjustable Kev Fuel in this sale.

(*) From riders feedback they have found the glowing lead draws attention & prefer the mod to be unseen, all the diagnosis is done through the bikes dash for the O2 controller.






Buy Now Price: $220.00 AUD

DISCLAIMER: The O2 Controller modification is sold only for race use. The O2 Controller modifies the closed-loop fuel injection mapping and it may not comply with emission control regulations in some countries. This modification is installed and used at your own risk. The manufacturer assumes no liability or responsibility for the use of this modification on your own modification.

Motorcycle modifications and maintenance should only be performed by a qualified person. Some modifications may void your warranty and/or your insurance cover. Consult your motorcycle specialist if you are unsure. I cannot be held responsible for any modification done to your own motorcycle, and am not liable for any claim arising from the fitting of these modifications. The reader assumes all responsibility for the use of these mods.