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The introduction you are viewing at the moment is our main page, annexed to this, you will find links to our merchandise partners as well as our online store. However one of the main reasons for this website is to direct our audience to our forum of discussions, in this forum, anything that relates to the Yamaha XT series is discussed. It is the place where you will find everything you could possibly need to learn, discuss and share about these bikes. Topics vary from modifications to common fixes, fuelling issues etc., this is also the best place to find out about availability of aftermarket parts. But it's not all about the bike, in facts, thanks to our members which are located widely across the continents, you could join a group ride in Melbourne as well as one in Buenos Aires, Athens, Cape Town, Bognor Regis or Santiago! You name a country and we have a group of XT riders there guaranteed waiting to meet up for a ride. You'll just have to join up and find out.

XT660 History

Following is the chronographic history of the XT Series, from the very first model to the current ones, all the content has been gathered from various online sources, and assembled by the site owner.

XT660.COM Forum

Here you'll find our forum of discussion where our members exchange tips and advice on repair, maintenance and adventure trip requirments. This is where local rides and events are also organized.


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Yamaha XT660 Tech Specs

Here is the comparison chart between the three models the XT660X, the XT660R and the XT660Z Tènèrè. While all 3 bikes have the same engine plant and the X & R also share the same chassis, these are three completely different bikes each filling a specific purpose, the X is a robust Super Motard that will eat corners like no other bike, and will dominate both urban area and country lanes, leaving behind more powerful bikes which would struggle at handling tight hairpin bends like the x can do. Whereas the R is a mighty enduro which is good both in the city as well as rooted, dusty roads, and will handle the rough with the smooth with the same precision and elegance. Finally the Z joined the X and the in 2008 to give fans of the previous 1990's Tènèrè and Super Tènèrè the rebirth of a legendary bikes which has perfectly live to its famous name and expectation, this bike is the king of the adventure bikes, powerful and nimble and at the same time a work horse that can really take any terrain, and since 2008 has been the most popular of the three models, 2010 also sees the introduction of a very efficient ABS brakes system and this has pushed the bike into even more competitive races and adventure world wide. In facts quite a few of our hard core members have taken the bike virtually around the world and back managed to return it home in one piece despite numerous oil, and tyres, chainsets and other consumable changes in the time it took them to complete their Round the World  expeditions, all these rides have been featured on our previous website and you can find some of them on the following links: The Fragile Xpedition and The Southern Crossing.


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